What’s a Snapback cap ?

The snapback originated in America. If it has this name, it’s got to be because of its history. It has a flat brim and is adjustable, thanks to its curved tab. In this article, we shed some light on the famous snapback’s origins before presenting everything you need to know about this cap. Let's find out more!

A brief history of the SNAPBACK

It’s the particularity of this cap’s closing system that gave it its name. The Snapback differs from other caps in that it closes with a snap system at the back of the head. While obviously very popular with young people, adults are also keen to wear this cap. The feature that has secured the Snapback’s reputation is its folding system, which proves that it only takes a small detail to stand out from the crowd and make a big difference.

If you traced its history, you'd find that this popular and stylish cap has been around since the 1930’s. A professional baseball player named Babe Ruth would refuse to show up on the field without it. Having inspired his fans, many of them began to imitate the player on their way to the stadium. Tacit or explicit complicity ? One thing is certain, they were all unanimous about wearing it. This fashion phenomenon then continued to infiltrate the circle of urban musicians in the 80’s and 90’s and made its mark on the era.

Eventually, the big boom of this flat brim cap happened in the 2000’s. In fact, the rappers were the first to bring it back on the scene. Since then, it has once again become a fashion phenomenon on the streets, a streetwear and clothing must-have.

The cap for sportspeople and streetwear culture

While baseball players were the first to wear the Snapback, it has nevertheless developed over the years to signify an attachment and solidarity with a particular sports team. It went from baseball and basketball to hockey players. In fact, this stylish sports cap has come in all forms when it comes to colour, design and even logo (each to his own). Thanks to the snapback phenomenon, teams have found a way to display their code, their value and defend their brand image.

The snapback has many variations (shape, material, size, colours) and there is no lack of creativity in terms of its production. Nowadays you will find many branded caps featuring distinct logos.

The future of the snapback

The snapback and sport go hand in hand. Even for those who don't like or identify with sport, customised snapback caps for everyday people are also emerging in the fashion world. There is no shortage of creativity in this area. Numerous cultural events serve as inspiration for designers to revamp their image and display a logo above the brim of their cap.

If the United States are the snapback’s original patrons, it’s now worn and appreciated everywhere in the world. This cap has not finished being talked about, so much so that it has marked a whole era. Young people, footballers, basketball players, rappers, film stars, children, adults, the clothing and fashion world, in fact, everyone can adorn themselves with the elegance of this identifiable and highly distinctive cap that can make all the difference.