5 criteria for choosing ski pants

Whether you're a professional skier or a beginner, no one likes to spend a day on the slopes only to come home with a wet backside! One thing’s for sure, this can only happen if you choose the wrong skiwear, especially your trousers. More than a luxury, skiwear is an absolute necessity for any skier’s well-being. Therefore, to guarantee comfort, impermeability and warmth whilst you ski, it is crucial to choose your pants well. In this article, we will show you 5 important criteria to consider when choosing your ski pants so you can fully enjoy the pleasure of winter sports.

A good relationship between impermeability and breathability.

Impermeability and breathability are among the main criteria to take into account when choosing your ski pants. Waterproofness is measured in Schmerber mm. In general, the recommended level is at least 10,000 mm.

Breathability is an important factor, as it allows the moisture created by the sweat your body generates inside your clothing to escape, enabling you to feel the cold. It is recommended that you choose at least 8000g to ensure an adequate level of breathability. You can be sure to choose good quality ski pants by considering these selection criteria.

Recommended materials for the efficiency of your ski pants

Nowadays, many ski garments are made from synthetic fabrics. Thanks to technological developments, skiers can benefit from a variety of technical fabrics that are highly effective for this sport. The aim of the manufacturers of these fabrics is to allow the skier to enjoy perfect comfort by providing outstanding protection from external coolness. Most of the major brands use Primaloft and Gore-Tex fabrics for their trousers.

Well known on the market, Gore-Tex fabrics make it possible to manufacture highly waterproof and erosion-resistant ski pants. They’re really practical for professional skiers, even in the lowest of temperatures. You can find fabrics with 2 or 3 layers, depending on the model. These pants don’t let any water through, but instead allow sweat to be efficiently evacuated. Gore-Tex is an ideal material to protect you against wind, humidity and cold.

In addition, ski pants made of Primaloft offer more flexibility of movement, as well as a good level of insulation. Primaloft fabric is a very waterproof material with a remarkable lightness. It comes in 3 categories. A distinction can be made between the top category of Primaloft gold fabrics, the middle category of Primaloft silver fabrics and the standard category of Primaloft black fabrics made from recycled materials.

Versatility and practicality

Whether it's accessories, zips, pockets, loops or leg rests, you must pay attention to all the little details. When you plan to do long-distance skiing, you will need to carry some accessories with you. In this case, the number of pockets becomes a determining factor in your choice of ski pants. With more pockets, you can easily carry small tools such as a compass, map, etc. On the other hand, opting for press studs will allow you to remove your ski pants, and put them back on again, with ease.

Also, you can make double use of just one pair of convertible trousers. This versatility is an advantage for the skier in certain circumstances.

So, don't neglect any details related to accessories or finishing if you want to have the optimal pair of ski pants.

Suitable underwear

During your skiing trip, you should ideally opt for the 3-layer method if you want to combat the intense cold and stay warm. For the lower part of the body, it’s important to use technical underwear in addition to your ski pants. Indeed, technical underwear in the form of mid-calf or long tights can protect you against humidity and cold. Made using special fabrics, these garments won’t impair your movement during sport.

The cut

The cut of a pair of ski pants is a question of style as well as comfort. To fine-tune your choice, it’s important to avoid cuts that are too tight. Obviously, very tight cuts are an inconvenient factor, as they can lead to extremely annoying chafing. However, you should also avoid very loose cuts, as they can also decrease your dynamism when moving. In fact, the best models are equipped with a belt to adjust the cut. Make sure that the adjustment is optimised by taking all the above details into account.

You now know everything you need to know to make the right choice of ski pants. By taking these criteria into account, you will finally be able to enjoy long ski sessions in complete serenity. Treat yourself!