What are the different types of caps ?

For many years, caps have been a virtually timeless fashion accessory. Nowadays, they are the ultimate fashion accessory and come in a variety of styles. There is something for all tastes and shape preferences. Their design is continuously evolving in order to bring you the best possible comfort. For more details on the subject, here are the different types of caps and their respective characteristics.

Fitted cap

In the cap market, the Fitted type is one of the great triumphs of the 1990s and 2000s. This cap is distinguished by its imposing appearance and its structure, which has no adjustment system. It features a rigid crown and a flat or semi-curved brim.

Also, as the name suggests, the Fitted cap is designed to fit its wearer. As a general rule, this cap comes in 12 different adult sizes. In other words, it’s highly recommended to establish your head size before ordering a Fitted cap. That said, remember that the Fitted cap is available in several designs and colour combinations. So, choose the design that best suits your preferences in order to enhance your look.

SnapBack cap

The SnapBack is the baseball player’s cap of choice and is now the ultimate companion for popular American sports. Whether it's basketball, American football or hockey, the SnapBack cap is a true favourite.

In fact, the success of this cap is mainly due to its unique design. The authentic model incorporates a structured crown, whose rigid panels do not lose shape once the accessory is worn. At the front, a flat, wide brim completes the overall framework. At the back, you have a closure and an adjustment that is now legendary. This is characterised by snap fasteners on a plastic strap.

To adjust a SnapBack cap, the wearer moves the fastener along the strap and then presses it to a button in order to hold the right size. Of course, SnapBack caps are available in a variety of logo designs, colours and materials.

Trucker cap

The Trucker cap is one of the lightest and most breathable caps around. It features a mesh clip closure at the back, and 6 equivalent base panels. In addition, the Trucker cap has a curved brim which harmonises perfectly with its semi-structured foam crown.

Technically speaking, the Trucker cap is rather like a SnapBack, especially as it’s adjustable. However, the Trucker design differs from the SnapBack in its ability to let the head and scalp breathe. In general, manufacturers produce Trucker caps using polyester, or its derivatives, to further optimise their lightness.

You will also find this type of cap in a variety of styles, colours and themes. The Trucker cap’s embroidery, materials and additions may well surprise you. Be sure to choose the model that fits your budget and style.

Irish cap

An unbeatable creation that has spanned the centuries, the Irish cap has stood the test of time whilst enhancing many modern outfits. In reality, its look is so original that this design is equally suitable for both country folk and city dwellers. It is 10% handmade, primarily using Irish tweed. For the record, tweed is a flexible and carded woollen fabric with a structure that is known to be waterproof and very resistant.

It’s also worth noting that the Irish cap features a brim and a single-panel crown. Its material is so robust that you could use it for ten years before the first signs of wear and tear appear. Whatever the weather, you can wear it by adjusting the brim or by adopting its original position. That being said, don’t hesitate to wear it the Irish way.

Dad Cap

The Dad Cap features an unstructured crown and an adjustable strap. Its soft structure is made to fit the wearer's skull perfectly. Most of the time, the Dap cap is worn while gardening or doing some DIY.

Of course, this look is still acceptable, although it’s a bit controversial in some cultures. In the USA, for example, the Dad Cap is very common among the over 40s. However, it has to be said that its casual nature and minimalist weight do make it a rather comfortable and practical accessory.

Nevertheless, some Europeans consider the Dad Cap to be unstylish and less fashionable than its peers. However, this doesn’t detract from its many strengths that may suit your personal preferences.

Flat cap or beret

Amongst the existing cap concepts, the beret is undoubtedly one of the greatest classics. Once a symbol of European workers, this style of cap is distinguished by its small peak and rather obvious central button. When it comes to clothing, the beret creates a casual and timeless look, whether it’s worn in a city or the countryside. Even the biggest names in the film industry pay homage to the flat cap, and it's a crowd pleaser.

It’s also worth noting that the beret is suitable for both men and women. Its style is unique, hence its remarkable versatility. The beret is also available in a multitude of materials, including alcantara, cashmere, wool and tweed. And let’s not forget the colours, as manufacturers offer many variations including brown, camel, black and navy blue.

Gavroche cap

In addition to the previously mentioned headgear, the gavroche cap is a true favourite among headwear fanatics. It features a short and structured cut, which allows it to fit to the shape of the head with ease. Moreover, it’s thanks to this qualification that the gavroche has been able to survive through the ages.

For fashionistas, the gavroche cap is the ultimate accessory for a neat, elegant and understated look. Whether you are looking for a dressy or relaxed style, this item always lives up to visual expectations. Experts consider the gavroche cap to be the best compromise between a beret and a hat. The only difference is that the gavroche cap can be worn on all occasions, regardless of the season or the choice of clothing.

Generally speaking, a gavroche cap will protect you from the sometimes exaggerated hassle and confusion when choosing colours and clothing. Jacket, jumper, t-shirt, jeans, jacket, coat... all of these are possible when you combine them with a gavroche cap and your favourite pair of shoes. Its retro chic look is a guarantee of good taste.

In short, there are many types of caps to accompany and enhance your everyday clothing combinations. Let your personal taste speak for itself and go for the design that speaks to you the most. If you opt for a style without adjustments, remember to take the measurements of your head to better calibrate your choices. This will prevent you from having to return items and the unpleasant feeling of having made a bad deal.