What to wear with a cap ?

Over time, the cap has become a fashion accessory that gives you a whole new look. It has multiple uses and there is no shortage of innovative ideas in this area. Whether for a man or a woman, there are many ways to add value to this accessory. We’ll now tell you everything you need to know.

Why wear a cap ?

We all know the effects of heat on our health. In summer, when temperatures can reach extremes, it’s important to take protective measures. Indeed, the sun can cause problems and damage to health to the point of causing cancer. In this context, it’s important to take protective measures to avoid dehydration and heat stroke. Apart from the basic measures we know about (drinking water and using high-UV sun creams), insulation measures must be taken. The cap can play this role to a large extent, allowing you to protect this sensitive part of your body which comes into direct contact with the sun's rays. Despite its small shape, the cap protects the scalp in particular. It provides a protective layer by preventing the sun's rays from directly attacking your hair and having a direct impact on your brain. Wearing a cap, regardless of its shape, offers external protection against diseases caused by the sun's rays.

What to wear with a men's cap ?

There are several different types of cap, made from both light and heavy materials, available for men. For example, you can find caps made of suede, solid denim or even lighter materials, such as cotton or wool. There are also several types of shape. These include oval-shaped caps with a curved peak, caps with straight peak, etc. Sometimes you won't necessarily know which type of cap to wear for each occasion. Putting on a cap means taking responsibility for yourself and your style. It shows that you have confidence in yourself and that you are ready to assert your personality.

You can easily wear a curved cap with a casual outfit of jeans and a simple t-shirt. This cap is perfect for everyone and suits all body types. Aside from sporty outfits, this is the kind of cap that will also go well with your street-style clothing. You will therefore benefit from wearing it with darker-toned clothing, simple cuts and uniform colours.

On a different note, you can also wear caps with your trashy tracksuits and joggers. They will enhance your style and add the perfect touch. Plus, if you choose the colours well, the cap can enhance certain aspects of your outfit. Make a statement by wearing it either on the side, to recall the hip-hop style of the eighties, or by turning the brim towards the back. If you pay close attention, you will notice sportsmen and women (especially tennis players and golfers) proudly wearing caps with their shirts.

To be different and bold, we suggest you try wearing a cap with a formal outfit. We’re talking here about a beautiful floral shirt over sober tailored trousers. This is one of the favourite styles of politicians who feel comfortable with it, especially when it comes to reaching out to the population. It's a simple and elegant way to make a statement and to send the message that we’re closer than ever.

Putting a cap with a man’s outfit is the perfect touch that will serve to break traditional kinds of style. It also serves to refine your look, revealing another side of your personality. Dare all the variations you can think of and tell yourself that wearing a cap is not an age issue. Whatever your job or social standing, the men's cap remains a timeless accessory that can only enhance your look.

What to wear with a women's cap ?

Speaking of women, it’s clearly admitted that the cap brings a flirtatious side to them. From influential personalities to ordinary people, when a woman wears a cap with her outfit, she is clearly showing her assertive and feisty side. It's a sign that she's empowered to take centre stage and stand up for herself. If you're looking to create a really great look to get you through the weekend, consider adding a pink cape-coat and cap to your outfit. Dare to wear light pink leather boat shoes to liven things up a bit.

For a more casual look, you could also try a long black down jacket with a black cap. Don’t forget a pair of ankle boots for the ultimate laid-back and harmonious style. Are you a fan of beaches and sunny places ? Don’t hesitate to wear wide linen trousers over your swimming costume. A straw or raffia hat could look great with this style. If you feel constricted in trousers, go for a pair of denim shorts with your bikini, but opt for a regular cap this time. No need to remind you that a pair of sunglasses are part of the style.

On a more daring note, you can try combining a camouflage leather biker jacket with a black cap, high-waisted jeans and a pair of leather lace-up boots. This style will display your elegance and sense of responsibility. For those who like a formal look and still want to combine it with a cap, do not fear. Let's start with a denim jacket paired with a simple t-shirt and black leggings. To extend the style, simply add trainers in classic colours and it’s done. Obviously, your cap will adorn your carefully combed and wind-blown hair.

Also, if you like jackets, we may have something for you. A slightly dark grey woollen aviator jacket over a very simple outfit. To liven things up a bit, go for kitten heels and a white cap. If this isn’t quite your style, then try a black suede cap over a mid-length dress. This outfit might require a black leather bag slung over your shoulder with a white cotton coat. Alternatively, you'd be admired by all in a beige beret-style cap with a dark green casual dress. Add a beige quilted leather shoulder bag and white elastic ankle boots and let your style speak for itself.

For both men and women, there's no shortage of style ideas for matching clothing with caps. However, style is a matter of taste, choice, culture and passion. So, don't be afraid to assert yourself and let your personality speak for itself through the caps you wear with your different outfits.