What’s a Trucker cap ?

Wearing a cap for a special occasion, or to support your favourite team, has become commonplace. Several types of caps exist today, one of them is the Trucker cap. Where does this product come from and what are its characteristics ? You’ll find all the answers to these questions in this article.

The origins of Trucker caps

The Trucker cap was originally a promotional item created by American truck drivers in the 1970’s and 1980’s. It was distributed free of charge on the sides of motorways and in shopping centres by large companies in various areas. They wanted to reach a new group of customers who were mostly rural dwellers (workers, farmers and lorry drivers, still known as ‘truckers’ today).

During the 90's, American rappers adopted this cap style, which evolved with the rise of Hip-Hop music. From New York to Los Angeles, rap fans incorporated these caps into a sportswear and streetwear style so as to better resemble the artists they loved. This appropriation has also had an influence on several other layers of society.

Men, women, young and old alike, wear them either normally or back-to-front. The music star Rihanna even became an ambassador for these caps. From there they quickly became very popular and continue to be so today. Trucker caps have become a true symbol and an ultimate fashion accessory.

What are the Trucker cap’s special features ?

Today, Trucker caps come in a variety of forms, each with its own specific features. Let's find out more about them!

Mesh back caps

This cap’s shape comes from a baseball cap that was used exclusively by players and their fans. The special feature of this cap is the plastic mesh at the back which allows the scalp to breathe. These caps also feature curved and rigid visors. They are equipped with adjustable tabs at the back that can be moved to perfectly fit your head size. These caps are mostly made of cotton, linen or leather, and feature a military pattern or a message. The mesh is made of plastic and the visor is sometimes composed of a foam layer which gives it a raised effect.

Flat brim caps

With the evolution of fashion, the visors of Trucker caps have undergone changes. Flat brims are now among the most popular.

Snapbacks: their size can be adjusted using the back strap. This type of cap is also suitable for basketball and baseball club patches. They are suitable for people with larger heads and round faces.
Strapbacks: another category with a specificity that lies in the material used to create its tab, which can be made of fabric, leather or velcro.
The 5-panel cap: this is different from other caps because of its adjustable size and five-panel composition. This cap is unstructured at the top and fits the shape of the head thanks to its low crown. This style is not the best look for larger heads.

There is one final variation of these caps : the fitteds. They are made so that the back is completely closed, and their size is not adjustable. You should therefore make a choice that best suits the size of your head.

These different flat brim caps are designed to keep customers happy and maintain the product's place on the market. The Trucker has evolved in many ways and continues to appeal to its many fans around the world.