How to find the right cap for men’s face shapes ?

To dress well, you need to choose the right fashion accessories for your facial features. This obviously includes choosing the right men’s cap. The cap is a fashion accessory that suits both men and women. Find out about the different face shapes and cap designs to help you make the best choice.

Different men’s face shapes

For a man, it’s extremely useful to know his type of face shape. In fact, this is a determining factor in his choice of cap, the shape of his beard and even his haircut. There are several types.

Oblong or rectangular face shape

Oval face shape

This is generally considered to be the most ideal and perfect shape because of its characteristics. If you have an oval face, this means that it’s longer than it is wide around the cheekbones. In addition, the width of your forehead is greater than the width of your jaw. This composition is relatively neutral and there is an absence of dominant features. You therefore have a wide variety of options, both in your clothing style and in your choice of hairstyles. All types of caps will look great on you.

>Diamond face shape

If you have a diamond face shape, it means that your face is long. Your forehead and jaws are smaller in width than your cheekbones. With its bone structure and eye-catching cheekbones, your face can appear to be a combination of two different shapes. It’s therefore recommended to wear caps to soften these harsh and sometimes startling features.

Round face

On a round face, it’s possible to notice that the width of the cheekbones and the length of the face are roughly equal. The forehead and jawline also tend to be the same size. The other characteristics of a round face are a rounded chin and softer features.

Heart-shaped fac

A heart-shaped face has the following features:

A wide forehead
More generous cheekbones and jawline
A more or less pointed chin
Smooth, soft and pleasant facial features.

This is a rather charming and attractive face shape. The cap you choose should therefore adapt to it perfectly.

Square face

A square face is generally seen as being very masculine. This face shape offers you many possibilities. Indeed, it gives you an inherent virility on that can be worked on to develop a softer look. It is therefore possible to display a certain tenderness under this authoritarian façade. Baseball caps are the way to go.

Some cap designs

There are many different styles of cap. However, as mentioned above, you should choose one that best suits the shape of your face :

The Baseball cap is the most common and suits all face types.
The English cap is suitable for thin and oval faces. The material and patterns provide its charm.
The Panama is the ideal summer hat. It’s suitable for all face shapes.
The Duckbill cap is ideally the easiest to use. It’s simple and adapts to any style.
The Porkpie, on the other hand, is a little more difficult to wear. It’s therefore recommended for the more experienced.

It's up to you to find the one that suits you best depending on your face.