How to clean a cap ?

If you’re also wondering, here’s how to clean your cap.

Go for hand-washing

Whether it’s made of wool, cotton or silk, cleaning your cap is a delicate exercise. The best way is to hand-wash. This is because hand-washing reduces the risk of the cap deteriorating due to the wrong amount of detergent being used.

First of all, take a close look at your cap to find out how to proceed. Try to establish any manufacturing defects and determine the quality of the material used to make your cap. Also check the quality of the dye on your cap to see if it can be rubbed off or not. This way you’ll avoid damaging it.

Then put warm water in a bowl with a little soap. Dip your cap in the bowl and rub gently with the soapy water. If there are any stains, use a small brush to scrub the delicate and sensitive areas. A toothbrush would be perfect for this task.

To clean the inner band, you’ll need a cotton flannel. Soak it in your soapy water, then gently scrub the area. Finally, rinse your cap with fresh water.

Drying your cap

Wringing out the cap is not recommended, as this may deform it. You should also avoid drying your cap in a tumble dryer so that it doesn’t shrink.

To dry, fill the inside of your cap with clean clothes or plastic objects so that it retains its shape. Then hang it up in the open-air or anywhere with good air circulation. Don’t put it in the sun or near a heat source such as a hairdryer.

Of all the possible ways to clean a cap, hand-washing is by far the best. It has the advantage of not only removing any perspiration, but also and above all of keeping the colours of the cap bright. Why don't you give it a try ?