All about boardshorts ?

Boardshorts are a classic wardrobe item suitable for all types of leisure activities. They can be worn on a family holiday or on a weekend away with friends. Despite their great popularity, many people don’t know much about the history of boardshorts. Discover in this article their origin and how best to wear them.

What are boardshorts ?

The name boardshort is based on the fact that these shorts are used specifically for water sports practiced with boards, such as surfing. They are also worn to play beach volleyball.

So, boardshorts are designed primarily for surfing or swimming. Mainly used for the beach, they are very loose fitting and relatively long. Those designed for swimming are shorter. On the other hand, shorts made for surfing are much longer.

Boardshorts are made of polyester or nylon. Their main feature is that they dry very quickly. On the inside there is usually a mesh slip, which serves as a water outlet.

The waistbands of boardshorts are not elastic like other swim shorts. Instead, they have a rigid waistband that opens at the front. They are held together with a lace-up tie. This double safety system is designed to ensure that the shorts do not fall down, or off, under the impulse of a violent wave, or if the surfer accidentally falls under the water.

Long considered a man's piece of clothing, they have recently won the ladies’ hearts.

Where do boardshorts come from ?

In the 1980s, swimwear underwent yet another transformation following that of the 1960s. Men’s swimwear had already gradually started to become shorter as everyone rushed to the beach to get a tan. Surfing began to emerge among the water activities and to attract popular attention.

Designers jumped at the chance to start a new trend. Boardshorts were created to provide comfort for surfers and were lengthened to make surfing easier. Over the years, they have been modernised and are still as popular as ever.

How to wear boardshorts ?

Wear them by themselves ! For men, this is the obvious answer to the question. It is very common for boardshorts to be worn without underwear. This is especially true for men. Women can wear their swimsuits, or bikini bottoms, underneath their boardshorts, whether it's a two-piece or a one-piece.

Boardshorts are completely self-sufficient. Since they’re a summer garment, they allow you to show off your tan and your muscles. To look casual, you can pair them with a t-shirt. V-neck t-shirts are best suited to the season and are a great way to complete the casual look.

For women, don’t complicate things. Just wear your swimsuit top with your boardshorts. If you wish, you can top it off with a sheer or mesh shirt to reveal your tan with little effort. It's casual, beautiful and sexy.

It’s not essential to wear something underneath your boardshorts. However, if you’re going to spend a lot of time in the water, you should wear a compression garment underneath your boardshort to prevent chafing. The new trend for men is to wear boxers, briefs or a jockstrap underneath your boardshorts.