How to choose your boardshorts ?

There are now several types and models of swimwear on the market for men. Some of them are specifically designed for your favourite water sport. This is the case with boardshorts, which are suitable for surfing.

Generally longer than other swimwear, these shorts protect the surfer. Do you know how to choose your boardshorts ?

Here are the main criteria to consider.

Surf time

Boardshorts are primarily designed for surfers and are therefore essential for comfort while surfing. So, to ensure that your swimsuit is comfortable, you should account for the number of hours you spend surfing when choosing your swimwear.

If you are surfing for less than an hour, your boardshorts must allow you to move freely, so it is recommended to choose short boardshorts. Also, when you are surfing for less than an hour, you should choose boardshorts with a fast drying time. This is important because it prevents sand from sticking to your shorts on your return to the beach.

For surfers who do between one and two hours, the criteria to take into account are quite different. You will need boardshorts that fit properly around your waist, without being too tight. In this case, you should choose a flat belt. In addition, to ensure comfort and freedom of movement, choose long boardshorts made with elastic materials.


One of the most relevant criteria to consider when buying boardshorts is undoubtedly the material. Polyester and polyamide are generally the two most common materials on the market. However, you can also find boardshorts that are made of polyester or polyamide and elastane. This material brings elasticity as well as flexibility to your shorts. The synthetic fibres in this material also allow swimwear to withstand the pressure of water, sun and chlorine. You can therefore choose shorts with quick-drying properties, UV protection or other specific qualities.


As we’ve already explained, when choosing the size of your boardshorts, you will need to consider how much time you spend surfing. However, this is not the only thing that can help you determine the size of your shorts. You should also take your body type into account. Opt for short swimwear if you are muscular and well-built, which will perfectly enhance your body shape. For a slender, but not very muscular, body shape, opt for long boardshorts that come down to the knee. This size will prevent you from looking too thin.


Along with the material and the size, the colour of your boardshorts is a criterion that should also be taken into consideration when making your purchase. This decision relates to both the pattern and the colour of your shorts. However, as with any other piece of clothing, your selection criteria will depend on your style and preferences. Since boardshorts can also be worn for other summertime occasions, it’s important to choose a colour and pattern that enhances your style and personality.

Other useful accessories

As we finish with the criteria for choosing good boardshorts, let's look at useful accessories. A flat belt is an ideal accessory for ensuring the comfort of your shorts. Both elastic and button fastenings are available. A mesh lining is required to hold you properly in place, but this shouldn’t present any risk of irritation. It would also be an advantage for your boardshorts to contain pockets.