What’s the difference between boardshorts and swim shorts ?

Swim shorts are an essential accessory for enjoying the pool or participating in water activities. Boardshorts are also popular amongst water-sports lovers. Discover the differences between boardshorts and swim shorts in this article.

Swim shorts for comfort and swimming

Swim shorts are a multi-purpose item designed for swimming. However, they are not allowed in most communal swimming pools. As a result, their use has diversified to the point of reaching the beach. Also available as mini shorties, they are characterised by their loose fit. The comfort offered by this swimwear is emphasised by its shorter or longer length, depending on the model.

Swim shorts are for men of all generations. However, they are very popular with young people. They are made from a synthetic material, which is why they dry very quickly. They feature an inner lining, in the form of a mesh undergarment, which expels water from the shorts. The patterns and colours of these shorts make them an ideal travel accessory. They can also adapt to all body shapes, which makes them very practical.

Boardshorts for surfing

Boardshorts are not really a swimming accessory. Although the range of boardshorts is comparable to that of swim shorts, you will notice the main difference when you look at their size. Boardshorts are longer than swim shorts, going all the way down to the knees.

Unlike swim shorts, boardshorts don’t have a mesh undergarment. Their texture signifies another difference. They’re made from a thick material in contrast to the thinness of swim shorts.

The most notable difference is their use. Unlike swim shorts, boardshorts aren’t intended for swimming. Their name makes it quite clear: they’re a surfing accessory.

Boardshorts are designed to handle the strongest waves. Their length is particularly useful for surfers as they sit and wait for their next wave. Finally, boardshorts have a velcro fastening system with small cords for tightening. Swim shorts usually feature an elastic band at the waist.