Gore-Tex : the right choice for a ski jacket ?

Skiing is a sport that is practised in mountainous areas. Due to the weather conditions of this type of environment, skiers must be equipped with adequate protection. Gore-Tex ski jackets ensure an optimal skiing experience. Also, skiing includes many disciplines with various needs.

The composition of Gore-Tex adapts to the various configurations of this sport. Let's take a closer look at Gore-Tex and its benefits for skiing.

Gore-Tex : what is it ?

Gore-Tex is a very thin layer of fabric designed to insulate the compartments of a piece of clothing. Gore fabrics combine technology with fabric to improve the impermeability of jackets and sports accessories. Gore-Tex also strives to increase your freedom of movement during sports activities. For this purpose, it’s available in several membrane forms. Each of them features its own characteristics for sports use.

On a microscopic scale, Gore-Tex is an assembly of polytetrafluoroethylene. This membrane has about 1 billion pores per square cm. Raindrops are 20,000 times bigger than the pores in Gore-Tex. However, the molecular structure of water vapour is 700 times smaller than these microscopic holes.

Due to its composition, Gore-Tex is rainproof. Its pores also allow sweat to escape. In this respect, Gore-Tex ski jackets are the most suitable for mountain sports.

Gore-Tex and laminate

Laminating is a manufacturing technique in the textile industry. It consists of arranging several layers of fabric interspersed with the Gore-Tex membrane. There are two main types of laminate for ski jackets: two-layer and three-layer laminate.

Two-layer laminate

In this configuration, the Gore-Tex membrane is located between two layers of fabric. On one side, it’s grafted onto the outer fabric, thus giving it its characteristics. On the other side, it’s dissociated from the inner fabric. The latter is said to be floating, as it serves to protect the Gore-Tex.

The advantage of two-layer laminate is that it’s light and flexible. However, it’s not very strong.

Three-layer laminate

This association adds a third layer. As a result, the inner layer is connected to the other two pieces of fabric. The Gore-Tex retains its original position. Three-layer laminate is characterised by its strength.

However, it’s rather heavy and could bother certain skiers.

Gore-Tex Pro for extreme conditions.

The membrane structure of Gore-Tex Pro is an improvement on that of classic Gore-Tex. Jackets with this technology enable better aeration of the body.

Gore-Tex Pro ski jackets provide optimum protection in extreme weather conditions. The two- or three-layer laminate provides clothing that can withstand abrasion, meaning that tears from rubbing during your ski courses are no longer an issue.

In addition, Gore-Tex Pro is also particularly suitable for freeride skiing.

Gore-Tex Active for intense sports

Gore-Tex Active is aligned with the logic of intense physical activities. It helps the body to breathe during sport. It also accompanies movement due to its windproof function.
Gore-Tex Active benefits from a three-layer laminate technology. Its special feature is its overall impermeability. As a result, ski jackets made of this material provide complete protection against bad weather.
Gore-Tex Active is a light, yet fragile, component. It is therefore not advised for extreme conditions.

Gore-Tex Performance for a better breathability.

When it comes to outdoor activities, breathability is the key to success. Gore-Tex Performance has incorporated this concept. Its moisture removal system is very practical for staying dry. The structure of this membrane ensures its versatility. In this respect, you can change your sporting activity whilst using the same jacket.

Gore-Tex Performance has a two- or three-layer laminate technology. This means that it can be adapted to the intensity of the effort required. Like Gore-Tex Active, it is fully waterproof.

Save weight and space with Gore-Tex Paclite.

When skiing, the space and weight taken up by your clothing can often be a problem. Gore-Tex Paclite offers you a quality alternative. Jackets with this technology are modular. This means that they take up less space in your belongings.

Gore-Tex Paclite ski jackets have no internal lining. The structure of these jackets includes carbon protection, which protects the pores of the membrane from blocking. Consequently, clothing featuring this technology is very light.

Gore-Tex Soft for better comfort.

The Gore-Tex Soft membrane offers a substantial heat supply and is therefore recommended for cold and wet environments. It is equipped with a three-layer laminate technology and is consequently a heavy jacket. Gore-Tex Soft also features a good ventilation system.