What are the different types of ski or snowboard jacket ?

Winter is on its way, and you’ve decided to head off to the mountains to spend your holidays enjoying the pleasure of skiing. However, if you really want to fully enjoy the snow and ice, it’s useful, even essential, to choose your equipment well. The ease and quality of your holidays depend on it.

Here we’ll focus on the ski jacket. While it’s obviously an essential for this sport, there are different types. In this article, you’ll find out all about the four different types of ski jackets that you could choose from. Each one has specific characteristics, features and benefits.

Traditional ski jacket

This is the best known, and most versatile, type of ski jacket. Its main advantage is that it provides very good waterproofness in the face of different climate conditions. This is due in part to its strong, tightly welded seams. The other very interesting advantage of this jacket is that it features openings in key places (usually the armpits).

Consequently, during the winter you can be sure to stay warm while having a certain freedom of movement. If you’d like a jacket adapted to your ski sessions, this is the one. Its price largely depends on a number of elements: different degrees of waterproofness, resistance, qualities of the linings and accessories (number of pockets, hoods, etc.).

If you choose to ski in extremely cold regions (Himalayas, Russian steppe, or the poles), it is recommended to go for a traditional jacket with a strong waterproofness. However, a classic jacket would do the job should you decide to stay in France. Some of these jackets feature waterproof strips taped to the zips. The more strips there are, the more waterproof the jacket will be.

3-in-1 ski jacket

Mostly worn by women, this is one of the warm jackets. It is so called because it offers a complete 3-in-1 solution. This consists of integrating an over-jacket with a removable heat supply. It offers a complete solution against bad weather and the cold. This jacket has the particularity of including a membrane, also called a coating, as well as a thermal lining. However, these coatings are not very effective in terms of breathability. It can therefore be concluded that this type of jacket doesn’t suit intense physical activity. It would therefore be better to choose a different type of jacket if you are planning to climb to high altitudes during your ski sessions.

Hardshell ski jacket

This jacket is designed to evacuate the most amount of heat possible. Its main feature is its ability to manage fluctuations in external temperatures, as well as those of your body. During ski-touring you can often be faced with changes in temperature. This jacket’s aeration system is based on two elements: the breathability of its lining and large zips situated under the armpits or on the chest. This jacket will also protect you during your descent, which is when the skier sweats less but is exposed to the wind and the cold. At this time, the jacket will prevent the passage of moisture, even in the case of rain or snow.

Gore-Tex ski jackets

A revolutionary technology designed for intense sports activities. Gore-Tex has many useful and interesting advantages in regard to ski jackets.

Long-lasting impermeability: in the event of a snowstorm or heavy rain, you can totally rely on this jacket to be waterproof for its entire life. This is true even if it has been subjected to prolonged torrential conditions.

Extreme breathability: when doing intense sport, the damp sensation caused by sweat is not very pleasant. The Gore-Tex ski jacket will evacuate your perspiration in the form of steam. Rather revolutionary, don’t you think ?
Full windproof capacity: when you are caught in a snowstorm, your body temperature can drop rapidly and sharply. The windproof feature of the Gore-Tex jacket will protect you from this.
A great robustness: for ski touring, the strength of this jacket will protect you in case you fall.

Obviously, a ski jacket is an essential accessory for this activity. These days, it offers a perfect blend of technology, design, comfort and safety. Skiers can choose between these four different types of jackets. Choose the one that best suits your needs and your activity.

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