Volcom Presents "Dogs To Know" Drawings By Travis Millard At The Volcom Garden

On Saturday, September 16, the "Dogs To Know" art show by Travis Millard opened at the Volcom Garden in Austin, Texas, half art show, half zine release.

Divergent Everymen Featuring Deth P Sun & Henry Jones At The Volcom Garden

On Saturday, August 19, Divergent Everymen, a two-person art show featuring Deth P Sun and Henry Jones, opened at the Volcom Garden in Austin, TX.

Sustained Harmony Opening At The Volcom Garden

On June 29, the Volcom Garden in Austin, TX, hosted its third art show, Sustained Harmony ft. new works by legendary graphic artist Don Pendleton and Mike Combs.

Jeff Soto Print Retrospective At The Volcom Garden

I knew that Jeff Soto had designed screenprints for most of his professional career, so I pitched the idea of a print show at the Volcom Garden.

Volcom Art Loft Artists Share Their Sketchbooks

We gathered some of the artists from the Volcom Art Loft to share how sketching has played a significant part in their lives and still continues to to this day.

A Tutorial For Adding Texture To Calligraphy In Volcom's "School Of Cool" With Gemma O'Brien

For the third and final episode of Volcom School Of Cool with Gemma O’Brien, Gemma wraps up this three part “How To” series of hand lettering tutorials by demonstrating how she adds texture to calligraphy by using balsa wood instead of a pen. In this lesson Gemma begins by showing you the...

Mixing Typography and Illustration Tutorial with Gemma O'Brien for Volcom's "School of Cool"

In the second episode of Volcom's School Of Cool, the three part "How To" series of hand lettering tutorials from Volcom Ambassador, Gemma O’Brien.

Gemma O'Brien Teaches You Block Lettering Techniques in Volcom's "School Of Cool" Tutorial

Welcome to the first episode of Volcom's School Of Cool, a three part "How To" series of hand lettering tutorials from Volcom Ambassador, Gemma O’Brien.

Studio Diary for a Solo Show: Part 2

Three weeks have past now since Gemma O'Brien's solo show at China Heights opened, and after catching up on some sleep, she thought she’d follow up on her studio diary with some more behind-the-scenes insights.

Gemma O'Brien - True To This

Volcom Ambassador and artist Gemma O'Brien breezes through her Sydney studio and local streets as she walks us through what "True To This" means to her.

Studio Diary for a Solo Show: Part 1

On July 31st, Gemma O'Brien's solo show, Hiatus, will open at China Heights Gallery in Sydney. The exhibition will feature a set of new black and white illustrations and a large-scale mural.

Volcom Featured Artist Series Presents Mike Parillo

An icon in the snowboarding universe, the legendary Mike Parillo is respected as one of the leading artistic visionaries in the action sports industry.

Mural Painting in Barcelona w/ Volcom Artist Gemma O'Brien

Volcom Artist Gemma O’Brien is a master of hand lettering, typography and large-scale murals. Since being an artist for Volcom, she has created two incredible one-of-a-kind murals.

Volcom Artloft Mural by Gemma O'Brien

This summer, we asked the incredibly talented Illustrator-Typographer-Artist-Whatever-The-Hell-Else-She-Wants-To-Be, Gemma O'Brien, to paint a mural in our Costa Mesa HQ.