Mind invasion

There is a deathrace coming, expected to spread on unconventional tracks. From their digital roads to the psychic highways, the mind invaders are speeding, electric impulses on a synaptic ramp. While this corrupted data storms into their heads, the free spirits keep on moving, as adventure reigns over simulacra.
MIND INVASION is a call for escapade! The central fabric of the collection, our black wash denim is the second skin of the asphalt nomads, those who can’t stay put, the urban riders, the wide-open space explorers. This speaks to you, right? As your token of membership, we’ve garnished three pieces with an exclusive artwork and symbol of a limitless mindset.
Terry cloth, corduroy, heavy canvas… Adventure and comfort now come as one, thanks to the various range of fabrics composing the MIND INVASION collection. Lentil Green, Bordeaux Brown and Rubber are the new colors mirroring the serenity of a camp fire after a day on the road, far from the worries of the so-called civilization.
Keep on moving, fight the mind invasion!