The different cuts of jeans for men and women

Jeans are arguably the most popular item of clothing in the world. From work wear to the hottest fashion item at the end of the 20th century, jeans have been able to cross the ages and constantly reinvent themselves. All the greatest American stars have worn them: from Marilyn Monroe to Elvis Presley to James Dean. In the 1960s, they symbolised the American dream. Today, they are quite simply THE essential garment in every wardrobe and come in all shapes and colours.

On what criteria should you choose your jeans ?

Choosing a pair of jeans can sometimes seem like a real obstacle course. Let’s not mention the endless hours spent in shops, standing bewildered in front of all the different brands, cuts and sizes on display. The most important question anyone asks before buying a pair of jeans is whether they fit properly. Each person is unique and won’t wear the same jeans in the same way.

Before you start trying them on, it is important to know several things. First of all, the importance of style must be considered. After all, what's the point of buying jeans you don't like ? Secondly, you need to be aware of your body type and find the kind of jeans that best suit your shape. This is what we are going to explain to you right now.


How to decipher the different cuts of jeans ?

If you tend to get confused between tapered, slim, skinny, straight or bootcut, you're in the right place.

Know the basics about the size of your jeans

Firstly, a pair of jeans is split into three areas : the waist and buttocks area, the upper thigh area and the lower calf area. All cut variations are based on these three areas. Next, you should also be aware of the height of the waist (high, normal, low), the size of the waistband and the length of the trousers in the legs. Infact, the size of jeans is not often indicated in its European format (36-38-40...), but in its American format (where you find the indication of the size and the length of the legs). This is ideal for finding the perfect jeans for your body type.

Cuts of unisex jeans

This does not mean that we can wear the same jeans, as there remains a distinction between women's and men's sizes, but they have the same shape in terms of cut.

The difference between slim and skinny

The difference is very simple to spot. Slim jeans have a tight fit that follows the shape of the body. Skinny jeans, on the other hand, are very tight jeans that tighten around the ankles. For men with slim legs, skinny jeans will make them look larger. For curvy women, on the other hand, skinny jeans will slim the figure.


Regular or straight

These are both straight cuts. Regular is the most classic jean. The straight is a more fitted variant that shows off your curves better. This allows you to have jeans for dressier outfits.

Wide-leg jeans or carrot cut

Both cuts of jeans are ideal if you’re looking for comfort at work or at home. However, the carrot cut is tighter in the legs. It helps to slim people with a wider pelvis. The carrot cut is currently very trendy.

Women's cuts

For more elegance and style, here are the special cuts for women's jeans.

Flare or bootcut

The star of the 70s is back! These are what used to be called « elephant bells ». The difference between the two styles is easily recognisable. The flare tapers out from the buttocks, whereas the bootcut is flared from below the knees. You could say the former is inspired by the bohemian or hippie trend and the latter is a symbol of the disco period.


One of the most fashionable styles at the moment. Imagine a loose fit, with a high hem above the ankle. Think of one of those mornings, when you realise all of your trousers are in the laundry basket, and you just have to grab the best fitting jeans you can find. This is the reason boyfriend jeans have been given this name.

Men’s cuts

And for you, sirs : what else is in store besides the classics ?


This is the most on-trend shape in men's jeans fashion. Both casual and relaxed, these jeans are a revisited version of the straight cut with a hem at the ankle. They are usually worn with trainers.

Baggy or loose fit

Super popular in the world of rap and hip-hop, baggy jeans are still on-trend, but now come in more elegant forms. Here’s where the loose fit comes in, which is still wide yet more fitted at the bottom.

You now have everything you need to choose your ideal jeans !

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