How to look after your boardshorts ?

When it comes to having a good time at the beach or by the pool, swimsuits are our best friends. However, since they are often exposed to sunshine and water, they can quickly wear out if they are not well cared for. Do you know how to maintain your boardshorts ? All the tips you need to preserve them can be found in this article.

Hand-washing is essential

To keep all swimsuits in good condition, and boardshorts in particular, it’s imperative to rinse them after each use. It will take 4 to 5 uses before you can really wash them. It’s strongly recommended that you wash them by hand. You can use cold or hot water depending on your preference. Remember that it’s not advisable to wash a swimsuit in the washing machine as this deteriorates the elastic fibres. However, if you must use a washing machine, it’s best to choose the cold programme.

Dry them in the shade

After hand-washing, you should hang your swimsuit to dry in the shade. It’s not recommended to expose it to the sun or heat. Also, just as it shouldn’t be put in the washing machine, it shouldn’t be tumble-dried or ironed. After drying in the shade, it’s recommended that you leave your swimwear to rest for a day so that it regains its original shape. Therefore, you’ll need to have several swimsuits.

Avoid getting sunscreen on your swimwear

Sunscreen oils and creams are as much a danger to the boardshort as heat. The fibres they contain can discolour or stain swimwear. The trick is to apply the sun cream to your skin about 30 minutes before putting your swimsuit on. This way, the cream will not affect or damage the fibres of your swimwear.

Avoid storing them in a ball

If, for whatever reason, you are not able to rinse and hang your swimsuit in the shade after use, then you must avoid leaving it in a ball. Indeed, wrapping it in a towel or plastic bag seems a simple and practical alternative immediately after use, but it should be avoided. If the wet swimsuit is kept in a ball for a long time, this will deteriorate the fibres or deform the shape. So, on the return journey, find a place to dry your swimsuit before rolling it.

In short, this is how to care for your swimwear. However, also remember that the heat of hot tubs and whirlpools can damage the fabric.

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