Focus on recycled polyester clothing by Repreve

In the coming years, eco-responsibility will become a key issue for the fashion industry. This is why some brands have already reinvented themselves by adopting recycled polyester fibre. And among the key players in the market, Repreve clothing is definitely the one to turn to. Regarding ethics, sustainability and innovation, discover the solutions that are already available to build tomorrow’s world.

Fashion and eco-responsibility

It's a fact ! The fashion industry is the second most polluting sector after the oil industry. So obviously, eco-responsibility is a real challenge for the whole sector in order to limit waste and protect the planet. At a time when mentalities are changing, it is absolutely necessary for the biggest brands to begin the turnaround.

This is how upcycling has recently emerged. In practice, it’s not a question of recycling, but rather of reusing certain products to make something new out of something old. This can be seen in the recovery of fabric scraps from previous collections. But it’s especially in recycled polyester clothing that a real trend is emerging. In fact, some brands have now decided to opt for this solution rather than polyethylene terephthalate (PET), which is made from crude oil.

Recycled polyester clothing : the advantages!

Today, 49% of our clothing is made using polyester. From sportswear to swimwear to shoes... polyester is everywhere, and its percentage is even expected to double by 2030. This is an absolute disaster when you consider that it’s a synthetic fibre derived from petroleum, with disastrous repercussions for the environment. This material is especially polluting, but above all, it has a tendency to deplete natural resources.

This is why the fashion sector has decided to opt for greater eco-responsibility in its collections. Some brands, such as H&M, Gap and Volcom, have committed themselves to producing collections exclusively from recycled polyester. It must be said that this material has a number of advantages, the two main ones being :

It limits waste production

Recycled polyester limits the production of additional waste that is not biodegradable. It’s therefore a perfectly eco-responsible solution chosen by the fashion industry to curb the dumping of plastic micro-particles in our oceans.

Its production consumes less

Recycled polyester also reduces the use of raw materials such as oil and water, and it should be noted that at the design stage it requires fewer resources than virgin polyester. In addition, its superior quality produces a more comfortable and durable garment.

The little Repreve revolution

So, if you too want to turn to a more eco-responsible fashion, you should know that there’s a key player in the recycled polyester market. And this player is the firm Repreve, which goes so far as to transform recycled bottles into fibres to make clothes!

Between revolution and innovation, Repreve already supplies several major brands such as Volcom, which has decided to opt for a sustainable and planet-friendly approach. At present, this recycling giant has already transformed 20 billion plastic bottles into an eco-intelligent consumer solution. In addition, it has now been certified that recycled polyester clothing is of an incomparable quality and provides a pleasant feeling of softness, comfort and well-being in everyday life.

Volcom essentials by Repreve

"More sustainable and high quality products for a better future." This is the commitment made by the Volcom brand, which recently partnered with Repreve. As a result, Volcom almost systematically brings recycled polyester into its collection. By mixing streetwear and eco-responsibility, the result is a line of clothing that is original and terribly on-trend.

Men's collection

For the gentlemen, the Volcom Stone sweatshirt is a timeless classic. Unless you prefer to go for the Frickin Modern Stretch 19" shorts, a real star of the summer season. Available in all colours, these shorts reach the knee for a modern yet terribly casual chic style. Finally, as far as skate pants are concerned, the Frickin Modern Jogger or the Frickin Modern Stretch are the most stylish chinos.

Women's collection

The women's recycled polyester clothing collection can’t be beaten, with the Leaf It Be Tie Side and Simply Rib Tri swimming costumes which are both incredibly low-cut and very feminine. For those who prefer to ski, it’s impossible to miss the Shadow Insulated or Coppershadow snow jackets, developed with a non-fluorinated water-repellent treatment. As for snowboard pants, the Grail 3D Stretch are also in the spotlight, available in white or black. In short, here’s something to enjoy without sacrificing your personal beliefs!

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