How to remove sweat stains from a cap ?

Caps can often be soaked with sweat and facial grease. These stains are sometimes unpleasant to look at and to touch. Let's find out how to remove these sweat stains.

Complete hand-washing

Hand-washing is the most commonly used technique. Before you start, it’s important to check whether the material from which the cap is made will fade in the wash.

This test can be carried out using a cloth dipped in hot water. The cloth should be placed in contact with a coloured part of the cap. If the cloth stays white, the whole cap can be washed.

A liquid cleaning product should then be applied to the inner bands. Then soak the cap in a mixture of hot water and detergent. After a few hours, rinse the cap with plenty of water and hang it in the open air.

Spot cleaning, stain by stain

It’s possible to spot wash your cap to remove sweat stains. The first step is to check that the fabric does not bleed. Then spray the stained areas with an anti-stain product.

To clean your cap, you’ll need to make a cleaning solution using mild shampoos and cold water. Then scrub off the sweat and dirt stains with a cloth. Finally, rinse the cap with plenty of water and put it out to dry in the open air.

Stubborn stains

It’s not unusual to find sweat stains on your cap that are more persistent than others. In such cases, you should make a specific cleaning solution using baking soda. This substance should be mixed with warm water to obtain a paste-like consistency.

Apply the paste to the stains and then scrub using a toothbrush. Don’t leave the paste on the fabric for more than an hour. Rinsing will then remove all those stubborn stains.

The above tips will certainly help you remove sweat stains from your caps.