Bob Mollema

Bennekom 1990, works as an illustrator, artist, and musician.

He mainly works on large projects where humanity, absurdity, desire, and dishonesty are central.

These elements form a cocktail that results in critical, sometimes humorous, illustrations that make people think. Because of his wide-ranging interests, he touches on different themes and makes them his own. A recurring theme is archaic Europe and the way people spiritually dealt with nature. Their way of living with nature is something he finds inspiring and tries to convey to his audience through his art. He does this by incorporating the often naive and pure style of the archaic peoples into his art.

He mainly works with graphite and eraser because the roughness, coincidence, margin of error & the analogue aspect are in keeping with his search for purity and authenticity. It is an act of rebellion against the uniformity that is slowly but surely devouring the world.