The Garden Kerr T-shirt  - Black The Garden Kerr T-shirt  - Black

The Garden Kerr T-shirt - Black

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The Garden Kerr T-shirt - Black

Regular price £30.00 £21.00
Style No. A5211954
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Features :
● Modern fit
● Front and back screenprint
● Featuring the Art of Tim Kerr
● Featured artist woven label at side seam
● Featured artist custom inner neck screenprint

Never one to rest on his laurels, Tim Kerr continues to progress as a musician and visual artist with every new day on this planet. His punk-rock roots stretch back to the 80’s - he was a founding member of the Big Boys and Bad Mother Goose - and his interest in visual art has been with him since his childhood. Tim's message of inclusion and participation saturates every project he works on. He often signs paintings with the phrase, "your name here", to encourage viewers to make their own art instead of being satisfied with the role of a spectator. Tim lives and works in Austin, Texas, and would rather tell you about what he's doing today than what he did yesterday.

Reference : A5211954 THE GARDEN KERR FA T

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