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A 45 minute exploration of alternative surfboard design filmed on Oahu's North Shore, starring Noa Deane

Produced by Stab Magazine and Volcom, E.A.S.T. is an acid-splash hit to the tongue of the surfboard status quo, featuring some legendary shapers' most iconic, left-field, under-appreciated, and disruptive designs.

'The Electric Acid Surfboard Test' starring Noa Deane Premieres

Noa Deane surfingNoa Deane in a limoNoa Deane with surfboardsNoa Deane at BackdoorNoa Deane doing a huge airNoa Deane holding his surfboardsNoa Deane out in front of the barrelNoa Deane sitting in a limoNoa Deane admiring his surfboardsNoa Deane at rocky point
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