MODIFIED HUMAN (Featured Artist : Pentagram Pizza)

"Botox, technology, selfies over personal safety. Social metrics, posting daily. It’s a vicious cycle. Darwinfluencers with all the mod cons. Suddenly you get eaten by a shark because you’re an idiot. Technology taking our lives - its time for a change. Modified Humanity” - Pentagram Pizza.


The Modified Human collection extends the idea of experiences into the sphere of human psychological behaviours.

It’s about looking into what is absurd, and even funny about humanity when placed in particular situation.
A perfect example of this would be the Darwin Awards: they recognize individuals who have supposedly contributed to human evolution by selecting themselves out of the gene pool by dying or becoming sterilized from their own actions.

The Featured Artist for this theme is Pentagram Pizza, diving straight into the illustration of the Darwin Awards inspiration, taking the digital angle.

"My name is Mike aka Pentagram Pizza. I was born in Newport beach in 1971 about a mile from Volcom HQ and played in a punk band with Wooly and I made some cool fliers which led to me being the first employee of the art dept (besides Ethan of course who graciously hired me) where I was paid $6 dollars an hour part time and it led to a long and awesome experience.

So yeah I hope you enjoy my crappy scribbles!"

The Result? A range referencing The Darwin Influencers, known as Darwinfluencers, humans with all the Mod Cons. Taking inspiration from the Darwin awards, chronicling the most ridiculous deaths and injuries from around the world, those stupidly risk life and limb in the most stupid ways possible... read selfies over personal safety... The range playful illustrations with a touch of dark humour from Pentagram Pizza poking fun at our beloved Darwinfluencers.

Pentagram Pizza at the Volcom Store Hossegor

Always dreamt of POV camera implants, Hitech jewelry or a Mad Max villain outfit? Your wishes would have come true last Monday at the Volcom Store Hossegor! For the "Modified Human" collection launch, Volcom Featured Artist Pentagram Pizza brought his satirical pencils and pimped the customers portrait live! On top of the free sketches, drinks and goodies, a lucky customer won a Volcom "Modified Human" collection pack.


Photos: @atis.erics