(Featured Artist : Animoscillator)


How do we react to stressful situations?

The blood pulses, hot flushes, the brain scrambles as instinct takes over. So what if we rendered the brain’s reactions into a visual format, via machine that would turn emotions into shapes and colours...

True to our Fall ’21 theme of ‘Experiencia’ - welcome to Disturbed Medium. A graphic, visual journey deep into the far corners of our mental psyche through a digital oscillator.

Available for men and women.

Our Featured Artist for this part of the line is none other than Animoscillator.

A visual artist and musician working through the mediums of video and sound, illustrating the sounds he creates through glitchy, distorted imagery resulting in an overwhelming assault on the senses. Animoscillator’s art, born from a sea of cables and synthesizers, implemented on the Disturbed Medium in oversize prints and graphics, provide an empirical and emotionless take on our mental state…True to mental distortion since 91’

The silhouettes of both the men and women’s lines of Disturbed Medium offer a bold fashion driven direction, with complimentary side of gritty grunge and street flavour.

Volcom’s signature black & white are the colour foundations to this story, complemented with earthy colour tones, spiced up with a darker, chalky pink.

The focus is on the graphics - implemented boldly on key styles, such as our range of jackets with patched graphics and all over graphic pants reflecting a deeper look into the enlightened corners of our brains.

DISTURBED MEDIUM (Featured Artist: Animoscillator)