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Hugo Zorro was born in Amsterdam in 1991, and still lives there today. His childhood dream was to become an artist like his father. After dropping out of art school at De Rietveld Academie, Hugo found himself working in the kitchen of Pacific Parc, Amsterdam’s very own rock and roll temple.

The years spent at Pacific were formative ones, creating post art for the venue's events and forming his band The Applejacks. His love of good food and even better music eventually led to the creation of the culinary concept, Loco’s Kitchen, a food truck with a stage on top. Gigs for both The Applejacks and Loco’s Kitchen took him and his friends all over The Netherlands.

Meanwhile, Hugo never stopped drawing. Hugo has developed a style that is unmistakably and, perhaps more importantly, unapologetically his own. His colorful and provocative illustrations challenge conventional ideas about man and machine, and, more often than not, also feature animals and humanoids as part of the decor.

Nowawadays, Hugo divides his time equally between illustrating, cooking at Skatecafe, and making music with Fuck Fuck Fuck, his latest punk project.

Visit: hugozorro.com

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Michiel Walrave (1974) is a Rotterdam based illustrator, influenced mainlyby punk rock, horror movies and skateboarding. His work mainly consists of artwork for bands, music venues, skateboard and snowboard companies.

He's a long time member of art collective KAMP HORST, singer for punk bandThe Real Danger and has his own skateboard company, Meltdown Skates.

His bold lines and use of bright and fluorescent colors make his style easily identifiable.

Visit: meltdownskates.com

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