What do I do if I receive a defective product bought in a Volcom Store?

Volcom warranty policy depend on the point of purchase of your faulty item. Any request of warranty claim has to be evaluated by the Volcom Store where the purchase took place.

Request a warranty claim at the Volcom Store Contact by email.
Please provide the following information:

  • 1-2 pictures of the damaged/defective items
  • Style name, reference number, colour and size of the damaged/defective items
  • Copy of receipt or bank statement reflecting authorized Dealer
  • Customer Name:
  • Address:
  • Email:
  • Phone number:

Volcom reserves the right to refuse the claiming if conditions are not met. If the warranty request is accepted, damaged/defective must be returned for evaluation to the point of purchase. The Volcom Store could cover the return costs and provide a prepaid transport label. Volcom will not be accountable for any lost or unfound shipments.

Once your claim is received and evaluated by our warranty technicians, you will be contacted with one of the below options:

Warrantable Repair. If a repair or fixon the product is possible, one of our representatives will provide you instructions on how to label your package and what address to ship your item(s) too.

The repair process can take up to 4-6 weeks and the repairs will be paid for by Volcom.
Once the item is repaired and sent back to Volcom HQ, the Warranty/Customer Service team will get in touch with the customer with reshipment information.

Warrantable Replacement. If product is requested to be sent in for a physical evaluation, Volcom does not take responsibility for the shipment to us and it is recommended you use an insurable traceable carrier to assure a successful delivery.
In the event your product is being replaced, a list of available options will be sent to you for replacement.
All replacements will be based off availability from our previous/current season’s inventory.
If the replacement item is no longer available, the Volcom Store will be in contact with you on the available options of equal or lesser value from the original MSRP.

Non-Warrantable Service. In the case that an item is not covered within our warranty policy or is un-repairable, it may be returned back to customer without repairs made.