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Designed for Skateboarding...
Recommended for Life.

In constant collaboration with our world-renowned skate team, Volcom's unparalleled attention to detail yields some of the most profound products in the market today. It is with great pride that we introduce our new elevated collections, made with finest quality functional fibers.

Volcom Stone Made products are meticulously engineered for life on the road, with unique signature details and the highest quality materials, we integrate groundbreaking technology at the fiber level.


Complete mobility,
unstoppable recovery

Volcom jeans featuring S GENE® by Cone Denim®, a patented technology that delivers breakthrough stretch performance and unsurpassed recovery, deliver twice the power of normal stretch jeans.

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Stop the

Anti-microbial for odor

Volcom jeans and chinos that feature sustainable anti-microbial finishes applied at the fabric state so they can be worn longer and harder between washes with less odor.

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Tough to tear

A new level of durability can be found in Volcom stretch jeans utilizing innovative yarn technologies from LYCRA® TOUGH MAX™ or CONESTRONG™ by Cone Denim®, and in chinos a more tightly woven canvas with nylon 66, all resulting in unsurpassed durability and resistance to tears and abrasions.

LYCRA® and TOUGH MAX™ are trademarks of INVISTA

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Water Resistance

Live in a dry state

Volcom stretch jeans featuring CONEgard™ by Cone Denim® and chinos utilizing 3XDRY® technologies offer advanced dirt and water repellency via finishing applied at the fabric state.

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Meet the people putting Volcom jeans and chinos to the test daily as they make real life happen turning their passions into their livelihoods.

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